A thick, lush lawn requires a healthy, nutrient-rich soil at its base, but making changes to your soil once a lawn is already established is difficult. You can, however, promote a healthy transition by introducing a good compost mix to your lawn; topdressing will gradually improve the current soil over time.

What is topdressing?

Topdressing is the application of soil, typically a blended compost mixture, over the surface of a lawn. It can help eliminate the accumulation of thatch (click here for more info), by allowing your lawn to retain moisture, heat and microbial organisms which assist in decomposing thatch, as well as filling in uneven portions of turf for a smoother, healthier lawn. Note, topdressing cannot improve lawns already affected by problems such as thatch and drainage issues.

How else can topdressing help?

  • increases nutrient retention in lawn
  • can assist in correcting matted turf
  • increases natural resistance to harmful pests and plant disease
  • promotes thicker, lusher plant growth
  • can help protect your lawn from severe temperature fluctuations

What do I need to know prior to topdressing?

If your end goal is to improve the quality of soil in your lawn, the best practice is to aerate your lawn before treating it with a topdressing soil mixture. This allows the soil mixture, as well as air and moisture, to get down to the roots of the plant growth.

When should topdressing take place?

In a best-case-scenario, topdressing should happen in spring, or in early fall; this is to avoid any temperature extremes.


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