Bio-Logic has been providing 100% organic lawn care in Thornhill for over 20 years. We will work with you to create a customized lawn care program for the needs of your property and to suit your budget. One of the most critical aspects to consider for achieving an attractive, healthy lawn is a fertilizer program. Fertilizer supplies the nutrients necessary for grass to grow and thrive, and our fertilizer is completely organic and also weed-free! We recommend aeration in the spring to reduce soil compaction and overseeding to incorporate our custom grass seed blend into your lawn. We can remove bothersome, deep-rooted weeds such as dandelions and thistle in the only completely natural way: by hand-weeding.

Our reliable, weekly lawn cutting service in Thornhill will relieve you of the burden of maintaining your lawn and instead allow you to enjoy your outdoor space, stress-free! Our knowledgeable technicians will make all the necessary recommendations at each visit in order to give you the healthy, beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted. Our organic gardening specialists will care for your flowerbeds and always provide the highest quality of service possible.

Bio-Logic’s professional landscape design experts can work with you to create a beautiful outdoor living space that you will enjoy for many years to come. Our landscaping team will use the design to transform your yard into the perfect space you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine, having your own slice of paradise right in Thornhill!

Grubs and chinch bugs are common turf pests that have the potential to be very destructive; however, they can be controlled effectively with natural insect control products. If your lawn has a patch of brown, dead grass, contact Bio-Logic today to schedule your organic insect control treatment and let us save your lawn! We have had excellent success with insect control in Thornhill using the organic products available today.

When you hire someone to care for your lawn and gardens, you expect professional, outstanding service provided by experts who are committed to ensuring that your lawn is the best it can be. Our customers undoubtedly benefit from our years of experience in the industry and appreciate our pro-active, attention to detail approach. Choose Bio-Logic for all your lawn care needs and you will receive no less, guaranteed!

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