As a company that offers professional gardening, we at Bio-Logic like to keep up with the latest trends in landscaping fashion. If you aren’t entirely sure what you are looking for in regard to “sprucing” up your yard – no problem. We are more than happy to organize a consultation with one of our representatives/technicians to conjure up ideas to create for you the most ideal and personalized garden for your front or backyard sanctuary.  From lilacs to ferns, or trees to small ponds/water features, together we ensure that your garden vision becomes a reality!

In terms of a professional gardening service, Bio-Logic considers several factors when providing our two cents. If you know what you want, we can make it happen to suit you and your yard appropriately, however, if you are not entirely sure of what you’d like, we consider things such as how much or little you are willing to invest in your yard’s garden maintenance which helps determine which direction to go for your customized garden. When it comes to our gardening services, we also ponder visually aesthetic patterns you may enjoy! Together we can brainstorm a revamp with a trendy flower/plant combination that enhances a yard to be more lush and earthy, perhaps give it a more rustic and cozy feel or maybe even give it a modern, minimalist vibe.

What’s new in gardening?

Low maintenance is the best maintenance.

  • “Rustic” is a popular gardening trend these days and its extremely versatile and easy to accomplish.
  • Upcycling rustic ideas – Looking for some décor ideas? Try taking an item to recycle and “up”cycle it into a brand new ornament for your garden. Got an old rain boot? Make it a planter! How about a chair, wagon or wooden crate you have sitting in the back of your garage? Let’s apply some brackets to add vines or put some flowers on them to make an endearing, yet tasteful addition to your yard.
  • Let’s not write off how BEE-autiful dandelions are, although they are “weeds”. It is no secret Bees are dying nor is it a secret that bees are crucial to the growth and pollination of our crops and other important plants. It just so happens that these little flying fuzzballs can get a lot of what they need to continue helping us, in dandelions. Nature needs us this year! So now we ask, are you a nature preserver?

 Yes? Well here’s an idea for you:

Leave a spot free of weed killers in your yard or near your garden to incorporate this natural pop of colour that is the dandelion. Since bees sustain a vital part of our sources of vitamins and nutrients, why not return the favour?

  • Rock gardens – The lowest of low maintenance. No watering or trimming to be done, which rocks!
  • Succulents – Succulents are great because they have the elegant appearance of florals with their layers of petals, however, they are more durable in the elements, they don’t require much maintenance and most excitingly, they are available in several colours to accommodate your vision!

The Zen Garden

An easy to achieve, relaxing sanctuary right in your own backyard.

With circular patterns made with rocks, ponds and lush green bushes and ferns, the mind and body can find solace and rejoice in what is the Zen garden. Minimal décor involved, just a lot of nature and what it has to offer; designed in a way that helps you remain centered!

What else can help with making this vision a reality? A little touch of running water. Simple, right? And yes, we can make that happen! Never underestimate the auditory or visual power of flowing water to fulfill that Zen vibe, creating a relaxing yet still classy aesthetic.

Garden Bed/Shrub Maintenance

  • billed @ $65/hour (standard technician) and/or $85/hour (Certified Horticulturist) plus all applicable disposal fees
  • garden beds looked after as needed, typically, bi-weekly
  • weed control will consist of hand pulling and spot spraying of horticultural vinegar
  • cultivation as needed to work in organic matter and to prevent compaction
  • edges of beds will be maintained
  • natural insect and disease control as needed (billed seperately) – click here for more info
  • we will incorporate additional organic matter from property into beds to promote a healthy soil
  • we will promote organic methods of lawn/garden care at all times

Spring Clean Ups

  • billed @ $65/hour (standard technician) and/or $85/hour (Certified Horticulturist) plus all applicable disposal fees
  • rake and blow all lawn areas and curbside (de-thatching if required)
  • clean up of all leaves and debris (some leaves will be cultivated into the beds to add organic matter)
  • cutting back all spent perennials
  • pruning of all dead wood from trees,shrubs and roses etc.
  • trimming of all shrubs and hedges to desired shape
  • deep cultivation and weeding of all flower beds
  • re-edging of all flower beds
  • re- edging of all lawn edges along sidewalks, driveways etc.

Pruning and trimming of shrubs, hedges and small trees

  • This service will be performed by our CERTIFIED HORTICULTURALIST
  • Done upon request only
  • Specific instructions required as to how you like to have your shrubs pruned (shape, size, formal, informal, etc)

Flower Planting

  • as low as $60/flat (approximately 25 sq.ft.)
  • Bed top-up with custom organic compost mix – $140/cubic yard (includes pickup, delivery and installation)
  • Selections may vary
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