Bio-Logic is the only 100% organic lawn care company serving Newmarket. We will work with you to customize an annual fertilizer program specifically for your property, based on the needs of your lawn and your budget. Our fertilizer is completely organic and weed-free. Overseeding can be added to your program to incorporate our custom blend of hardier varieties of grasses into your lawn. Aeration is also recommended in order to reduce soil compaction. Our horticultural vinegar application is an effective weed control for your driveway and patios, while our hand-weeding service will remove the deep-rooted weeds from your lawn, such as dandelion and thistle.

Bio-Logic provides a professional landscaping service in Newmarket as well. Have you ever considered building a beautiful outdoor space to enjoy with your family and friends? Our landscape designer can meet with you to discuss your ideas and help you create the best plan for your yard. Our landscaping crew will then turn your design into reality. It’s never too late to make your dreams come true!

Our weekly lawn cutting service will take care of your property so that you no longer have to worry about maintaining it yourself. Our organic gardening specialists will look after your flowerbeds, shrubs and hedges. Any technicians that work on your property will always share their expertise and make suggestions as required at each visit, so you can ensure that your lawn is receiving any care it needs in order to stay healthy.

Chinch bugs and grubs are regularly found in Newmarket. These pests can be very harmful to your lawn if not dealt with promptly. We can use an organic insect control to stop them from ruining your lawn, so if you ever notice an area of dead grass that seems to be growing larger each day, call Bio-Logic as soon as possible! We have found our natural insect control application to be quite effective, and it is entirely safe for your family and pets as well.

Always ask for information on the products that any company is going to use on your lawn. Our customers in Newmarket count on us to be knowledgeable, professional and informative. Call our office to speak to a lawn care expert about any concerns you may have. Choose Bio-Logic to care for your property and you will never need to switch companies again!

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