Here’s Why Kelp Fertilizer is Great for Lawns…

1. Major source of bio-activators: These bio-activators help break down other materials.  If they’re present in the soil, they do many things. First, they break down the remains of other plant materials into their chemical components, which makes them available in a form from which your lawn can use them.  By breaking down plant material, they also enhance your soil structure.

2. Kelp  contains a massive amount of  micro nutrients and trace elements, which in turn will make your lawn much more hardy and less susceptible to heat and drought stress.

3. Improves overall plant health – increased vigor, enhances root growth and establishment, improves overall plant color and a much better photosynthetic capacity.

4. Breaks down quickly and provides immediate nutrients to your lawn

5. It’s 100% organic, and an excellent soil-builder.  A healthy soil is the foundation of any organic program !

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