What is Horticultural Lime?

Lime is a soil amendment made from ground limestone, a naturally-occurring type of rock. Also known as agricultural lime, this rock is made from calcium carbonate.

What does Horticultural Lime do?

In addition to providing your lawn a healthy dose of calcium, it assists in making your lawn less acidic; acidic soils have a lower pH level. Most plants, grass included, thrive in soils that have a slightly acidic pH level. Soil with higher acidic levels (lower pH levels) make it difficult for vegetation to thrive as many nutrients in the soil become unavailable to the plant life. Most plants simply will not grow in soils with highly acidic soil.

Soil with higher pH levels (more alkaline) may result in the same nutrient-deficiency found in acidic soil. Plant life may develop symptoms such as yellow leaves or stunted growth.

How can I tell if the soil needs Horticultural Lime?

The only accurate way to tell if a soil needs lime is to test it. New customers will benefit from a free pH test with the purchase of our Base Program. Click here for more information.

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