What is Dormant Overseeding?

Dormant overseeding is the process in which seed is applied to a lawn while the ground is not frozen, but still cold enough where germination will not take place. Seed that is applied will remain non-germinated (thus, dormant) until the soil warms. As such, dormant overseeding is typically done in the fall, before the first frost. Extreme cold temperature weather will not harm dormant seeds.

How does it work?

Like any type of seeding, the success of germination depends highly on the seed-to-soil contact. The initial step in overseeding is to loosen the soil to increase the surface area for seeding to take place; aerating the soil will achieve desired results.

Taking Care of Overseeded Areas

Once a lawn has been sown with grass seed, the area should be thoroughly watered, and then left until spring. Once the snow melts, it will actively water the seeds without need for any additional maintenance.

What to Expect in the Spring

When the snow melts in the spring, it will afford the necessary amount of moisture to ensure the seeds germinate. Due to fluctuating weather conditions in late-winter, additional seeding and topdressing in the spring may benefit the seedlings.

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