Another way to ensure your lawn continues to stay and look healthy is aeration. Aeration is a vital component in plant and soil health as it allows moisture and oxygen to get to the grass roots.

What is aeration?

Aerating your lawn is the act of perforating the soil with small holes. These holes allow air, water and nutrients to get to the roots, which in turn promotes deep, strong root growth. Additionally, aeration alleviates soil compaction, and can help lawn that have a heavy thatch layer.

Do I need to aerate?

Your lawn may be a candidate for aeration if you have experienced any of the following:

  • heavy use/heavy traffic – regular use by families, children, pets can result in soil compaction
  • dry, spongy feel – lawns under drought stress can develop an excessive thatch layer (see Dethatching)
  • sodded lawns – lawns that are comprised mainly of sodded areas may be lacking necessary soil layers
  • short grass roots – depending on the season, grass roots should be between 5 cm and 10cm long; if the grass roots in your lawn are less than 5 cm, it may be time to aerate

When should I aerate?

Aeration should typically be performed during the growing season, when a lawn can repair itself and fill in holes left by removed soil plugs.

What are the benefits of aeration?

  • increased flow of water, oxygen and nutrients through the soil
  • stronger root system, promotes healthier soil and greater drought resistance
  • can assist in controlling thatch by increasing micro-organism activity in organic decomposition
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