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Applications currently exclusive to Bio-Logic!

A.D.I.O.S. is a relatively new weed control product on the market that was created for professionals.  If you’re not happy with the current weed control product on the market, give A.D.I.O.S.  a try… you will be pleasantly surprised with the results!



“Season Long” – What Does That Actually Mean?

Most lawn care providers boast “season long” services – this can be misleading! We’ve done the research – in some cases, lawn care providers will pass off only one or two visits as “season long”! Bio-Logic is upfront about the number of applications and visits our services include, and what to expect during each one – no gimmicks!

Organic vs. “Natural”

Sure, “natural” sounds good – but don’t be fooled! Natural isn’t the same as organic – lawn care providers claiming to be all-natural are actually using hybrid products; synthetic-based products that have been combined with very little organic material. Only Bio-Logic uses 100% organic products for all lawn care applications and services!

Looking Good Takes Time

Think about a body-builder – are their muscles the result of dedication and hard work… or supplements that assist growth? Now think about your lawn – is it growing because of… “steroids” for grass? Is it actually healthy? No! Using fertilizers and additional products that are not 100% organic can kill the microbial ecosystem in the soil, resulting in a lawn dependent on these chemicals that can be harmful to children, pets and the environment!

Negative Billing Practices

Have you been locked into an automatic renewal program – even when you’re unhappy with the service? Want to cancel? Cancellation policies imposed by lawn care providers can make that difficult! Bio-Logic believes in integrity billing – no contracts and no automatic renewals… you can cancel at any time, for any reason – we truly believe you will have no reason to do so!

Misleading Advertising

 Some products are advertised as being used for a desired result – the problem with this is the products being advertised are not made for this use (for instance, Bio-Logic uses kelp as a fertilizer, not as an insect control or recovery agent!). Bio-Logic has trained staff and certified horticulturists/turf managers available to take the guess-work out of maintaining your lawn – the way nature intended!

Bio-Logic wants you to know the truth about lawn care, and empower you to make the right decision.  We are GTA’s only 100% Organic Lawn Care Company – We have what your lawn needs to be healthy!

BIO-LOGIC LTD. specializes in 100% organic lawn care, weed control and professional gardening services for residential and commercial properties. Having been in the lawn care industry since 1989, Bio-Logic has built a reputation of providing the only 100% organic lawn and garden service in the GTA and working closely with all of our customers. This shared knowledge with our customers in the organic lawn care and natural weed control, differentiates us from other lawn care companies and provides our customers with options and the realistic long-term benefits of an organic lawn care program.
We work with our customers to achieve and maintain beautiful lawns, the way nature intended. We have been providing lawn care and weed control services in Toronto, Markham, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Aurora, North York and now Durham Region for over 20 years!